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Kremenchuk Museum of Local History

вулиця Ігоря Сердюка, 2, Кременчук, Полтавська область, Україна

Visiting hours

Mon-Sun 9:00-16:30

Museum researchers consider their most important task to be a comprehensive study of their native land, its geography, history, ethnography, art, accumulation of local history materials in funds and their use in scientific and educational work.

The museum is an undoubted object of tourist attraction of the Kremenchuk urban territorial community. The number of exhibits stored in the funds of the local history museum is over 70,000 items. In terms of the number and quality of exhibits, the paleontological collection of the Kremenchug Local History Museum is the largest in the region.

Residents and guests of the city have the opportunity to independently familiarize themselves with the main historical objects of the Kremenchuk urban territorial community with tourist magnets of the Poltava region, using the modern virtual tourist information center of the Poltava region, which has appeared in the museum square. For tourists, meaningful and colorful excursions are held along a wide variety of routes, such as "Ecological trail", "This is where Kremenchuk began", "Old buildings tell stories", "Emerald robes of Kremenchuk" and many other exciting topics.

In connection with the introduction of martial law in the country, tours of the museum building are temporarily closed.

вулиця Ігоря Сердюка, 2, Кременчук, Полтавська область, Україна

097 38 85 386

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