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Museum of the History of Aviation and Cosmonautics

Українська вулиця, 57а, Кременчук, Полтавська область, Україна

Години відвідування

Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 Sut-Sun 10:00-15:00

While visiting the museum, residents and guests of our city have the opportunity to obtain information about the aviation training institutions and combat units of Kremenchuk in the period 1920-1941, learn about the Kremenchuk Aero Club, which existed in 1938-1941, the combat activity of aviation during the defense and liberation of Kremenchuk in 1943, the participation of Kremenchuk aviators in the Second World War, interesting facts about outstanding personalities in the aviation and space sphere.

Among the visitors of this institution are students, young students, residents of Kremenchuk, tourists from various cities of Ukraine. The museum was visited by foreign delegations from 22 countries. The number of visitors is constantly increasing every year.

Українська вулиця, 57а, Кременчук, Полтавська область, Україна

097 64 79 493

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