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List of sister cities that have helped and continue to help our city

In order to establish mutually beneficial business contacts, as well as to develop ties between Kremenchuk and the regions of other countries, to more fully reveal its economic, scientific, technical and cultural potential in the context of the European integration of the state, it is considered expedient to develop sister relations between the city of Kremenchuk and foreign cities. The Executive Committee of the Kremenchug City Council carries out external communications within the limits of the powers provided for by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, according to the foreign policy course and the foreign economic policy of Ukraine.

The main elements of successful cooperation with sister cities are:

1. Creation of a joint, bilateral, long-term program of specific measures with the designation of those responsible for their implementation.

2. Ensuring support and active assistance from city authorities along with the involvement of enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of the form of ownership, as well as individual interested persons, in cooperation programs.

3. Involvement of local mass media (print publications, radio) to cover issues of such cooperation and increase interest and interest in twin city programs.

4. Implementation of the following exchanges and projects:


  • economic (business meetings, round tables);

  • exchanges between authorities;

  • interethnic programs (festivals, films, lectures, study of cultures, traditions, customs);

  • educational exchanges and projects (exchanges of school students, students of higher education institutions, teacher training).

As of today, twinning relations between the city of Kremenchuk and the following have been officially declared cities:

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